XV Ambient Festival Part XI: Manuel Göttsching [English version]


Let’s relive. Manuel Göttsching occurred as the star of the evening during the second day of the 15th Edition of the Festival Ambient in Gorlice. I was already at his concert in September 2012, which took place in Warsaw, in the picturesque, surroundings cosmic Copernicus Science Centre. Manuel played a fantastic show, the attraction was surreal visuals combined with the music of minimalist album „E2-E4”. Very special atmosphere during event in Warsaw made me to go his concert again. During my visit in Gorlice I expected,  that this will be a compilation of tracks played during other performances last year in Europe. I was really surprised when I heard the older tracks  in a completely new arrangement.


Musician started with a power. Dynamic start in the form of pulse beat and the bass seemed that intimate room in  Cultural Center of Gorlice  began to rise and undulate. Then he rang juicy solos played by Manuel on an analog synthesizer. In the second part Göttsching continue playing synthesizer. The game looked like fun sounds. In the third part  tunes toned down by artist, but only for a moment, only to return to the dynamic play on the keyboard. It was only later make the connection yourself that this is one of the tracks that was played during one of the concerts in Japan: „Trunky Groove”. The introduction of new arrangements meant that this work can be safely played at dance events. It was a good omen for the rest of the evening.


Before the next episode of Manuel Göttsching welcomed numerous public gathered in Cultural Centre of Gorlice. Thanks for the invitation to Tadeusz Łuczejko and he mentioned briefly about previous visits to Poland and said at present during that evening. Another work, „Shuttlecock”, is an incredible journey flowery dynamic unearthly sounds and a beautiful solo guitar. Beginning primarily rhythmic sequences of analog synthesizer. As a second background is artistic development of guitar playing. After a short time Göttsching game time faster, slower time, like a rising wave of the sea, causing the listener in a blissful mood. In the next part can be heard clearly, the music begins to intensify and gaining strength. Manuel’s guitar begins to sing electric songs are in their moments of tears and joy. Most liked the middle, when Manuel Göttsching revealed his great artistry. When emotions have subsided, there was a decrescendo and the culmination of this great track. The original version of „Shuttlecock” is very calm and gentle. It does not contain as much energy as a version played by Manuel in Gorlice. This version is for me a big plus.


The third part of the concert was very raised and … ..romantic. Manuel Göttsching, is not only one of the best guitarists and keyboard players in the world, but also a master of mood. Sublime, solemn beginning, „Dream”, aided by synthetic Wind of Time makes a real gem Göttsching performance in Gorlice. After a few minutes the development of the composition. Hard, but subdued sequences give great strength. Against the background of the chord melody resounds colored main theme played by Manuel on the old synthesizer. Thus begins a musical, a romantic story about the search longed love. Just like the „Trunky Groove” Göttsching little improvised playing the synthesizer. In the middle of „Dream” Manuel Göttsching played a solo on the guitar. At the beginning it was a shy start, as if the artist was looking for a foothold. After a while there was a full expression of sound style of  Göttsching’s play. This was the theme of this arrangement, which was more rhythmic than the version that I know of studio album. After a few minutes relaxing playing the guitar, the artist finishes a masterpiece …

The fourth track is a classic second half of the seventies of the last century. „Sunrain” is the best known composition in the work of Manuel Göttsching, taken from the album „New Age Of Earth”. I must admit that the modern version is very successful. While listening to this track, it felt journey through the Earth’s atmosphere in the hot streams of Sun Rain. Space atmosphere caused by the playing of the song, I returned to my favorite memory of the period of classical electronic music.

The last three songs Manuel Göttsching: „Deep Distance”, „Oyester Blues” and „Midnight On Mars” is an exceptional termination of the 15th Edition of the Festival Ambient in Gorlice. The new version of „Deep Distance” begins with lazy sequences. After a while on the forefront of the strong beat, and after a while you hear a fairytale, synthesized theme. The new version of „Deep Distance” is aimed primarily at younger fans of German music, but also senior devotees of classical music electronic music. I know some version of „Deep Distance”: studio version („New Age Of Earth”), a live version of 1976 („The Private Tapes” Vol. 2 „), a remix of 2006 („Joaquin Joe Claussell meets Manuel Göttsching”) and a concert version of Gorlice. In my opinion concert version is very successful. Gives this work dynamism, color and ideally suited as background music for video projection depicting the beauty of Mother Earth, landscapes, sky and atmospheric phenomena. You can feel it when you listen to the solo game in the second half of this excellent song.


After recently played songs Göttsching came with two relaxing compositions, completely unexpectedly. The first of them, the premiere of „Oyster Blues”. It was a classic piece in the style of rock and blues supported sequences atmosphere. I’ve never heard it before and it was a huge surprise for me. The  atmosphere of this song reminded me his songs from the end of the seventies of the last century. Before midnight, on stage for the last time sounded poetic tale Göttsching guitar. This time, the audience heard a classic piece Fri „Midnight On Mars”, already without improvisation.

Manuel Göttsching confirms that, he is the best guitarist in the world and his brilliant music on the guitar fits into sequential, classic electric music. It is also proof that the artist is not afraid to experiment.  During my second concert of Göttsching really impressed with his game.  Each illustration of a music that was played was warm, emotionally and enthusiastically received by the audience. On successful concert Manuel Gottsching by not only the presence of fans, but also the decor scene, classic interiors in  Cultural Centre in Gorlice. Let me remind you that the concert took place without lasers and animations, with simple lighting. Another concert Manuel Göttsching I can confirm that this is one of the few musicians of the older generation, who can seize the opportunities to play the guitar, synthesizer, sequencer, and can compose and create in following the modern trends in electronic music.

Tracklist : 

1. Trunky Groove
2. Shuttlecock
3. Dream
4. Sunrain
5. Deep Distance (new version)
6. Oyster Blues (encore)
7. Midnight on Mars (encore)

© Marcin Melka, Toruń,  16.07.2013 

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